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Tech Tasks

Here’s where you’ll find assignments from ECMP 355… speaks for itself I suppose 🙂

Tech Task 3:

Tech Task 4:

I found this slideshow by going to the latest uploads on Slideshare. There was no particular rhyme or reason to picking this slideshow other than the fact that it was the first one that I noticed written in a language I could understand… I figured that was a fairly important quality to have. So…

It starts off going against Dean’s idea that the background should be white. However, I find nothing wrong with the use of the plain blue background. Dean’s thoughts are suggestions, not requirements, and I find the blue still keeps focus on the text. I do think that the bullets need to go (except for near the end of the slideshow when listing tasks for the students (slides 16 & 17). The most effective text-only slide, in my opinion, is 9. It is neat, and to the point. There are no bullets cluttering the screen, and just enough text (with the emphasis on the subject text) to get a skeleton of what the presenter is trying to get across.

The presenter goes against what Dean (and myself) believe to be “good powerpointing”: he uses clipart in slides 4 and 5. When I arrived at slide 4 I was totally confused. I had no idea where to focus, or what the heck was going on, period. Then number 5 came in on like a shiny, white steed and rescued me. Although it uses another clipart, it also uses comedy. The presenter knew what slide 4 would do to the audience and brought in a joke at the perfect time.

Overall the presentation wasn’t anyting too spectacular, in parts it was way too cluttered, but there were a few saving graces thrown in as well.

Tech Task 5: We’ve Learned it, now what?

Tech Task 6:

So here’s a video I made a few months back, but figured it would work perfectly for this tech task. I used Movie Maker plus PhotoStory to create it.. It’s as corny as she comes, and my friends and I had many good laughs making it, but it is essentially marketing (it was for a local company’s competition) . Enjoy!

 Tech Task 7: A Blogging Journey


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