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Student’s Marks

This page is designed for the parents of my prospective students. During our last class I asked whether any of the blogging sites could use password-protected pages so that parents could keep track of their own son’s or daughter’s marks. I think I have figured it out, and if that is the case, it was exceptionally easy. When viewing this page, please test it to let me know.

The way it should work is that Student 1’s password will be: student1, Student 2’s password will be student2, etc.

Please leave a comment if you notice things working as they should (or as they shouldn’t). Thanks!!

Student 1:¬†Student1 and his/her parents, click here to check yearly progress…


One Response to “Student’s Marks”

  1. ryancas said

    hmm, I thought the “page parent” tool would simply have my individual student’s pages show up automatically; looks like I will have to delve some more…

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