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Resume & Teaching Philosophy

My Teaching Philosophy:

I believe, more than anything else, that the best quality a teacher can have is a willingness to learn; a constant yearning to not only better the students that surround them, but to develop cognitively, creatively and emotionally themselves.

People in all walks of life react positively when they see someone in a position of power working hand in hand with those they are guiding. If students know that their teacher is striving to learn and achieve personal goals, it will act as a motivator to put in extra effort themselves. Just like a great boss can motivate expert workmanship from employees, a great teacher can bring out the best in his or her students.

A huge component to teaching is treating each student as more than just a child. Students are people and their respect needs to constantly be earned and re-affirmed… it does not come with the job title. The barrier between teacher and student should be lessened. I want to place as much power in the students hands as they can handle; as the saying goes, “With knowledge comes power.” Students should not assume that I am an all-knowing fountain of knowledge, but rather should be aware that they have the ability to teach me as much as I can teach them.

More than anything else, all members of my classroom, myself included, need to feel comfortable enough to make mistakes. True growth occurs when people are willing to go out on a limb (a very frightening place). If my students can take down their defences and reach educational, personal and social achievements, I have done my job effectively.


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