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Photoshop Tutorials

This page houses the tutorials that I will be creating for my final project. Anyone interested in photoshop, from beginners to grey hairs, this is for you. I’ve only been using the program for about a year, but I’ve learned some tricks that along the way that hopefully could help people learn some basic as well as advanced skills. This idea started when my friend asked me to help him with the program, but as we live in other cities, creating videos became a viable way to do it.

I am looking forward to getting feedback on the videos, so that those of you out there who know much more than I do about the program can teach me new methods as well.

If there are specific tools that you would like help with, leave a comment and I will try to do a video up shortly thereafter. If it is something that I do not know how to do, It’ll give me the opportunity to play around/research until I can find a solution for us both.

Listed below will be the tutorials that I have completed thus far:

Tutorial 1: Removing Blemishes

Tutorial 2: Changing Colors

Tutorial 3: Pencil Sketch

Tutorial 4: White Balance & Motion Blur

Tutorial 5: Cloning Objects Out of Pictures

Tutorial 6: Photo Filters & Frames


3 Responses to “Photoshop Tutorials”

  1. Tobias said


    I found you through Alec’s post on twitter. Nice start with the tutorials. I just watched the last one and didn’t hear any audio? Also wonder why you did a layer copy and then adjust on that layer? why not just create an adjustment layer.


  2. ryancas said

    Hmmm, I’ll have to re-do that last tutorial.

    As far as the layer creation, there’s no solid reason that I didn’t create an adjustment layer instead. It is the next logical step for me to do that. I have used one or two layers to edit multiple aspects of the picture, and have burned myself a rare time or two.

    I’ll definately take your comment into consideration and start using adjustment layers

  3. […] work in class and have class time left. They can do these activities rather than playing games. Photoshop Tutorials – This is Ryan’s final project that includes 6 tutorials about Photoshop. If I don’t […]

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