Ryan C’s Place to Be

Come for the food, stay for the entertainment… food currently unavailable


About Me

Well here’s a brief introduction to me. My name is Ryan Caswell and I am a B.E.A.D student. My first degree is a BFA in acting and I’ve now jumped into Arts Education, with a major in Drama and minor in Literature.

I’ve thought about switching from a Drama to a Lit major, but have been advised not too… we shall see what comes of that scenario. For the past few years I have been the coordinator of the Wilfrid Walker Before & After School Program. I also reap the benefits of working at a clothing store, discounts aplenty.

The champs are my life, I’ve been waiting for the new season since the last one finished. Reading up on roster moves, going to training camp, etc… It’s kind of an obsession. My brother, dad and I have had season tickets in section 26 for the past 8 years… The people who sit around me have witnessed me growing up, it’s kind of neat to think about.

My other “passion” if you call it that, would be photography. It started in highschool when I chose a digital camera over a grad ring, and I haven’t looked back since. I will be setting up a section and posting some pictures that I have taken if anyone happens to be interested.

That’ll be good enough for a beginning I think… I’m sure more will follow.



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