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Applebees and Olive Garden

Posted by ryancas on June 12, 2008

So I’ve been hearing rumors for a long time that these restaurants were coming to Regina. It’s now official that an Applebees will be popping up in the east end by Costco. I’m already salivating for some of these already… I got that image from this website which seems quite appealing… I could handle a small fee to get genuine recipes from restaurants… now, how genuine the site actually is, is a whole other story.

Can anyone verify the Olive Garden situation? I’ve never eaten there but heard it’s del.icio.us!!


7 Responses to “Applebees and Olive Garden”

  1. Rita said

    Hi Ryan,

    I’ve heard the rumours as well. I was actually looking forward to an Olive Garden because it is very good! But then again, it’s much like East Side Marios. I don’t know if they are building one here though. The Applebee’s site may be authentic but I don’t know what to think. It also looks kinda like a scam to get money as well! But interesting…

  2. tsakshaug said

    prefer to cook and eat my own food. Only go out when have too.
    Olive Garden is OK, for faux Italian food

  3. ryancas said

    Oh do I ever agree with you Tsakshaug. Unfortunately I`ve been busy with school, jobs, etc so I haven`t had time to create a masterpiece.. SOON THOUGH :). You have any great Italian recipes you`d care to share? I’m always looking for new recipes!!!

  4. Hi Ryan,
    I just read this blog today and now I have a craving for food from both of these places. I love Olive Garden and really hope we are getting one…even though I am moving to Abbotsford, BC which is awfully close to Langley which has an Olive Garden.

  5. ryancas said

    there’s always trips home…

  6. ready2blog said

    I’ve also heard rumors about the Olive Garden coming to Regina, Apple Bee’s, however, randomly is a new one too me. Nothing new me finding out about things last though in accordance to everyone else, ha ha. Those are defiantly two places that I treasure going to in Calgary so here’s hoping that Olive Garden as well as Apple Bee’s are both true rumors.

  7. ryancas said

    one of my friends had an interview for apple bees management, I think that’s a good sign it is coming here haha.

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