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Why I love (or will learn to love) google docs

Posted by ryancas on May 26, 2008

Yesterday started like any other day… The sun came up. I woke up some time later, gathered my thoughts, poured my fruit loops, added a dash of milk and watched some sports highlights. It was shaping up to be a fine day. I plugged in my old Sony point n’ shoot camera to transfer some pictures from a few months ago that had been trapped on the camera due to a lost (but since found) cord. All was well.

Then, my laptop decided that it had other plans. Windows.Officially.Crashed. I was shocked; it was only 4 months young. So now I’m left without a computer for a few days, I can’t access my files from Norton’s Online file-backup until I get it back so I’m left up the creek. Had I been using Google Docs I would not be worrying as much about the whereabouts of my files.

Needless to say this makes me want to cry… well not cry, but weep… loudly. I was hoping to start my final project using Jing and Photoshop this weekend, but that’s gonna have to be paused for the time being.


3 Responses to “Why I love (or will learn to love) google docs”

  1. Good luck retrieving your files, Ryan. I hope nothing, or at least nothing important, is lost.

    And yes … Google Docs is so nice just for this reason sometimes.

  2. ryancas said

    on the plus side… it reminded me to finish my Tech.Task

  3. This is a sad story Ryan. Good luck on retrieving your files.

    I don’t use google for all of my work but it is handy for sharing and collaborating on files. The online back up feature is nice but I try not to put too many important or confidential documents up on docs because I am still kind of worried about 3rd party applications. Most likely Google will never crash but I still wonder. My most important documents get backup’ed to my flash drive every week or when ever I remember to get to it.

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