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Patterns Vs Sequential

Posted by ryancas on May 15, 2008

During George Siemens’ keynote speech he talked about experts versus novices and how they can teach and learn. I really appreciated his ideas about finding patterns in information as opposed to going through things in a sequential order. I can look back over different classes that I have taken all throughout my academic career and pick and choose which classes I used patterns to succeed in and which classes forced me to go through sequentially in order to pick up the minute details. I have never thought about this type of learning before, and how my classes will have to be adapted for both experts and novices in my classroom. It makes me think of people doing puzzles…

The other day I went to the science centre (sooo fun, everyone should go again, years after your last science centre experience) and found myself trying to solve some 3d puzzles. I am not a puzzle guy, to say the least. I had to try each step of the puzzles one at a time before I was able to come close to solving any of the puzzles. A friend that I went with was able to just sit down, analyze the puzzles and put them together without a worry. I was amazed because it was so foreign to me, yet so easy for her… pattern vs. sequential.


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